Calling All Future Eagles: Eliot-Hine MS is Ready for You!

EH Mural Picture
New mural at Eliot-Hine MS (C Street side) by artist Jesse Stark in partnership with DPR.

EdFest is next weekend and the Eagles of Eliot-Hine Middle School are ready for you! Did you know Eliot-Hine MS is a Flamboyan school and has a National Junior Honor Society? Come by to learn more Saturday, December 9th from 11 AM – 3 PM at Stadium Armory. Eliot-Hine staff and parents will be there sharing more about their International Baccalaureate courses, sports offerings, Radio Network run by students, and extracurriculars like Robotics and Junk Art Club.  Take a photo at their table and tag @EliotHine!

Here are other future opportunities for families to learn about Eliot-Hine MS:

  • Tuesday, December 19th at 10 AM
  • Tuesday, January 23rd at 10 AM
  • Tuesday, February 6th at 10 AM
  • Wednesday, February 14th @ 4:30 PM with a treat! (Welcome to stay for the Eliot-Hine PTO meeting afterwards)
  • Tuesday, February 27th at 10 AM

You can also call the main office at 202-939-5380 with any questions or to schedule a visit!


Gearing up for School Opening: Eliot-Hine’s Upcoming Events & Key Dates!

Principal Young’s welcome letter for the new school year and a fun video she created for the community! To learn more from Principal Young and ask questions in person, check out the below upcoming Eliot-Hine events:

  • Wednesday, 8/9 at 3:30-5 PM: Principal Young meet and greet at Anacostia HS library.

EH Principal Young_Anacostia Library Meet and Greet

  • Thursday, 8/10 at 5 -7:30 PM: Principal Young meet and greet at Benning library.EH Meet and Greet_08102017
  • Saturday, 8/19 at 9 AM – 1 PM: Eliot-Hine beautification day

EH Beautification

  • Saturday, 8/16 at 9 AM – 1 PM: FREE athletic physicals at Eastern-1700 E. Capitol, NE. Students must have this form complete for sports participation.

Orientation Dates for Eliot-Hine Students

  • Friday, 8/11 at 10 AM – 1 PM: 6th grade student orientation
  • Tuesday, 8/15 at 6 – 7:30 PM: 6th grade orientation for families
  • Thursday, 8/17 at 6 – 7:30 PM: 7th and 8th grade orientation
  • Friday, 8/18 at 10 – 11:30 AM: Last chance orientation for all grades

Interview with Parent of Eliot-Hine 8th Grader!

LeShawn WeeksParent of current Eliot-Hine 8th grader. Photo of her daughter on right: leading a school tour for Eliot-Hine’s Open House. 

  • Tell us why your student is a good fit for Eliot-Hine. My daughter is a good fit for Eliot-Hine because it’s a smaller environment where she can thrive and express her leadership abilities. Although Nafisa would thrive in any setting, I liked Eliot-Hine’s smaller setting compared to other DC schools because it feels more like a family.
  • What elementary school did she attend? She attended Langdon Elementary School until 3rd grade, then J.C. Nalle for 4th and 5th. So how did you end up at Eliot-Hine? I was trying to find the best school as far as teachers, programs, and a safe environment. Being a Washingtonian, I know the city and its areas and attending school in a safe haven was important for me so she wouldn’t have to worry too much while she was learning.
  • As a current Eliot-Hine parent, what have your interactions with staff been like? All of my interactions have been positive. Anytime they have had to reach out, it has been positive. Telephone, pop-up school visit, etc. no matter how I am in contact with them, whether it’s a security guard or Principal Vargas, they are very communicative.
  • What did Eliot-Hine have that other middle school options did not? My daughter is all about learning and Eliot-Hine beat out a lot of schools, especially now with the IB programme. The other schools didn’t have the academic environment to allow my daughter to gain all the information she needed to be successful. At Eliot-Hine she has had the chance to shine not just academically, but also practice her leadership skills. She is a student tour guide at Eliot-Hine’s Open house! This is the school for her.
  • How do you see the IB framework shaping your student? The IB MYP is a lot more open and not as constricting. The student is able to take what the teacher is giving and expand on it on their own. As an 8th grader, you have a community based project to research and present on. We’re looking forward to seeing what she will choose.
  • What extracurriculars is your student part of or what is their favorite class? Her favorite class is science. She has previously been involved with the book and knitting clubs. This year she has been heavily involved with the Eliot-Hine TV & Radio Network. As an 8th grader, she is one of the lead interviewers. They’ve gone to the White House and National Museum of African American History and Culture, interviewed Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, President Obama’s Press Secretary Josh Earnest, Journalist and Newscaster Leon Harris and the list goes on.
  • What do people not know about Eliot-Hine? People do not know how valuable the teachers are at Eliot-Hine. The teachers and staff genuinely care so much about the students and they foster such a family environment. They want to see them grow and succeed. We are grateful as this allows our students to be more confident and get the most that they can out of their middle school experience.
  • One word to describe Eliot-Hine: Achievement!

Check out Nafisa’s interview with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and Principal Vargas  as part of the Eliot-Hine Radio & TV Network. 

Eliot-Hine’s MLK Day Service Project and Basketball Game Recap

Eliot-Hine is buzzing this semester with a variety of events from a MLK Day Service Project to 8th graders and their families meeting about their upcoming IB MYP community project, along with basketball games and ski trips! It is also so exciting to continue meet Eliot-Hine’s feeder families (Maury ES, Miner ES, Payne ES, and School-Within-School@Goding) at Buddy Days and the monthly Eliot-Hine Open Houses. Check out Eliot-Hine for yourself at any of the events below!

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Upcoming Eliot-Hine events:

  • Tuesday, 1/24: Ski trip and school visit to Ron Brown HS
  • Wednesday, 1/25: Maury Buddy Day
  • Thursday, 1/26: 9:30 AM & 6 PM – Open House
  • Tuesday, 1/31: Miner ES Buddy Day
  • Wednesday, 2/1: Payne ES Buddy Day
  • Tuesday, 2/7: SWS@Goding Buddy Day
  • Wednesday, 2/8: 6 PM – PTO Meeting
  • Friday, 2/10: Ski trip and EHMS Picture Day
  • Wednesday, 2/15: 9:30 AM – Open House 
  • Tuesday, 2/28: Black History Month Assembly

Remaining basketball games:

  • Tuesday, 1/24 vs. Hart MS: Away game
  • Monday, 1/30 vs. McKinley MS: Away game
  • Wednesday, 2/1 vs. Jefferson Academy: Away game

Below are photos from the Eliot-Hine vs. Johnson MS boys game on January 10, 2017.

January 2017 Eliot-Hine MS Events

January 2017 School Events: 

  • Week of 9-13th: Spirit Week!
  • Wednesday, 11th: 6 PM – PTO Meeting
  • Wednesday, 11th: 7 PM – Mandatory 8th grade parent meeting to discuss 8th grade IB community service project, prom, and 8th grade trip.
  • Saturday, 14th: 9 AM – 1 PM, MLK Weekend Day of Service at Eliot-Hine MS
  • Thursday, 26th: 9:30 AM & 6 PM – Open House*

*There will also be another Open House on Wednesday, February 15th at 9:30 AM. 

January 2017 Basketball Game Schedule: 

  • Tuesday, 10th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. Johnson MS (Home game)
  • Thursday, 12th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. Kelly Miller MS (Home game)
  • Saturday, 14th: 9 AM & 10: 15 AM vs. Hardy MS (Away at Jefferson)
  • Wednesday, 18th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. Brookland MS (Home game)
  • Tuesday, 24th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. Hart MS (Away)
  • Thursday, 26th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. Sousa MS (Away)
  • Monday, 30th: 4:45 PM & 6 PM vs. McKinley MS (Away)

All events can be found on the Eliot-Hine MS calendar. Call the main office at (202) 939-5380 with any questions.

2017 Eliot-Hine MS Open House Dates & Opportunities to Provide Input

We hope everyone had a restful winter break! To kick off second semester, we wanted to share photos highlighting events from last semester and opportunities for you to learn more about Eliot-Hine MS. It has been so exciting to see their relationship with feeder schools grow and witness Eliot-Hine MS embrace the International Baccalaureate framework! Come visit while the lottery is open to see classes in action and learn directly from Principal Vargas and her staff.

Open House Schedule:

  • Thursday, January 26: 9:30 AM and 6 PM
  • Wednesday, February 15: 9:30 AM

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Our next blog post will feature details on Eliot-Hine’s upcoming $87.7 million modernization. Are you a feeder or current Eliot-Hine parent and looking to provide input in this planning process? If so, we encourage you to join the Eliot-Hine School Improvement Team (SIT). We meet every 6-8 weeks and discuss academic, programmatic, and facilites’ related planning and needs. Complete this very short form here!