Wilson Feeder Pattern Community Working Group Kicks Off at Stoddert ES

The Wilson High School Feeder Pattern Community Working Group held its first meeting on Tuesday, May 16th at Stoddert Elementary School (some affectionately refer to the group as the WWSHSFPCWG). The group consists of one principal/staff member and parent from each of the 15 schools in Wilson’s feeder pattern. DCPS shared similar information related to enrollment trends and facility capacity as during the Ward 3/Wilson Feeder Education Network Meeting on June 3rd.

The Community Working Group (CWG) raised questions and concerns about DCPS data on enrollment projections, facility capacity, and the persistence of the crowding issue in Wilson’s feeder schools. Members also shared school-level perspectives on crowding and discussed ideas for how to move forward with solutions. Meeting notes and materials are below — the next meeting will be June 20th.

CWG Members discuss questions related to school crowding in small groups.

5/16 Wilson Feeder CWG Meeting Notes

5/16 Wilson Feeder CWG Deck

Wilson Feeder CWG FAQ

Wilson Feeder Pattern Education Network Meeting Recap

DCPS Chief Operating Officer Carla Watson, Chief of Family and Public Engagement Shanita Burney, and members from each of their DCPS teams met with the Ward 3/Wilson High School Feeder Pattern Education Network on Wednesday 5/3 to discuss school crowding. We shared data on enrollment, facility capacity, and population projections, and put some preliminary solutions ideas on the table for discussion.

We had a rich conversation about the parent and community perspective on school crowding, and some initial thoughts on how to address it in the short and long term. The presentation and meeting notes are below, and the first Community Working Group meeting around crowding in the Wilson HS feeder pattern will be on May 16th at Stoddert ES.

Many thanks to Principal Martin and Brian Doyle for hosting us!

Ward 3/Wilson Feeder Education Network Presentation

Ward 3/Wilson Feeder Education Network Meeting Notes

Supporting Their City With Compassion: IB Community Project Spotlight

As part of the International Baccaleaurate Middle Years Programme,  all 8th graders complete a community project at Eliot-Hine Middle School. The community project provides an opportunity for students to collaborate and pursue service learning. Students work in groups, conduct research, and practice public speaking when they present in front of a panel of judges.

This year, Ms. Harris’ all-girls advisory is researching homelessness. Each week they stay after school, even coming in on weekends or when they have days off, and have been researching how a homeless shelter is run, what types of homeless shelters are in the DC area, the statistics on homelessness broken down by various groups, and more. A big objective of their project is changing the negative rhetoric around homelessness and teaching everyone to be more compassionate. To take it one step further, these students are raising awareness in their community by hosting a feminine hygiene product drive. They have even partnered with local alumnae of Agnes Scott College, a women’s college in Atlanta, to raise funds. All the proceeds will go to House of Ruth, a women and children’s shelter in DC, and they are so excited to show the community ways people can support these shelters!


If you would like to support their project and make a donation, please stop by Eliot-Hine’s main office during school hours. Items will be collected until Wednesday, May 17. More details on the flyer here. 

Eliot-Hine Enrollment Fair: Saturday May 13, 9 AM – 12 PM


Next Saturday, on May 13th Eliot-Hine Middle School is hosting an enrollment fair! All families are welcome to come in-person to enroll their student for School Year 2017-2018. The event is from 9 AM – 12 PM. An added bonus- you can also meet Eastern High School’s Principal Brown and see current Eastern HS students in action as they complete a community service project outdoors at this time! Come learn more about the International Baccalaureate Diploma and pathway, athletic offerings, meet staff, etc. Light refreshments will be served.

eastern_high_school logo

Please check out the flyer for all paperwork requirements and more details. You can call Eliot-Hine’s main office with any questions: 202- 939-5380. Then tag us in your photos from the event at @DCPSPlanning.

MacFarland Middle School Phased Opening

DCPS announced yesterday that MacFarland Middle School’s comprehensive neighborhood program will start with a 6th grade in August 2018, and grow one grade each year from there. The full announcement is at the end of this post in English, Spanish, and Amharic.

Since the announcement MacFarland would open its neighborhood program in School Year 18-19, we’ve gotten input on how to make the transition as successful as possible for MacFarland and for its neighborhood education campuses: Truesdell, Raymond, and West. We believe a phased opening is the best way for MacFarland to steadily grow its program while also allowing middle school students in the EC’s to graduate from the schools many of them have attended since Pre-Kindergarten.

What will this look like for MacFarland?

MacFarland opened a 6th grade Dual-language program this year, and will grow to a 7th and 8th grade over the next two years. When it opens its neighborhood comprehensive program in School Year 2018-2019, it will open with a 6th grade only, and grow one grade each of the next two years.


What will this look like for Raymond, West, and Truesdell?

For the next school year (2017-2018), there will be no changes. When MacFarland’s neighborhood program opens in School Year 2018-2019, the three education campuses will no longer take 6th grade students, and continue to serve 7th and 8th graders. The following year (SY2019-2020) they will serve 8th grade students before transitioning to traditional PK3-5 elementary schools in SY2020-2021.


Interested in learning more? We’ll be at West EC’s Principal Chat and Chew on May 22nd at 6pm, and will post additional meeting dates at Truesdell and Raymond as we schedule them. We look forward to continuing to engage over the coming weeks, months, and years to support our school communities through this transition – as always, feel free to reach out to DCPS.Planning@dc.gov with any questions or comments.

MacFarland Phased Opening Raymond

042517 MacFarland Phased Opening Raymond_Page_1042517 MacFarland Phased Opening Raymond_Page_2

Eliot-Hine Staff Feature: Mr. Richardson, 6th & 7th World Cultures & Geography


EH Mr. Richardson Malta
Mr. Richardson on left with Ambassador of Malta, Clive Agius
  • What experiences led you to where you are in education today? In college I was president of the Black Student Union and noticed their recruitment of inner city students to Towson University were lacking. This bothered me and I remember meeting with the president of my university about this. Later, the more I found out there was a stipulation of learning habits of inner city youth. I was headed to law school to be a civil rights lawyer, even had already taken the LSAT, but then decided to teach instead. I wanted prove it wasn’t the students, but the lack of opportunities they were provided. I knew these students were also capable.
  • How long have you been teaching at Eliot-Hine or how long have you been a teacher? This is my 14th year, but first year at Eliot-Hine MS.
  • Can you tell us about an activity your students have done in your class this year? Our 6th graders are partnered with the Ambassador of Malta as part of the DCPS Embassy Adoption Program group. Ambassador Clive Agius is such a humble person. The students get a fun opportunity to feature their talents. We had group project presentations for the Ambassador.  We also hosted a welcome presentation which included banners featuring our students art skills, dance/cheer infusing Malta and US styles. One student created a Malta US trivia game! Our students organized the whole event!
  • How would you describe Eliot-Hine students? They are such good kids. They have great potential. We must commit to continuously provide opportunities and tools for them to reach their maximum potential!
  • This is Eliot-Hine’s first full year as an IB MS. How does this IB program shape your teaching? I always say that I would like my students to become world citizens, in addition to being a citizen of DC. This is perfectly aligned with the IB framework. Inquiry is a huge part of my class. I like to challenge students to think beyond Washington DC or to reflect on their hometown.
  • What is your favorite event/activity/aspect of Eliot-Hine? I like when we have school-wide events and field trips. We watched the 8th graders do a masterful job in the Black History Month program, the Ambassador of Malta has visited twice for a school visit, and he hosted us at recently where students prepared figolli, a traditional Maltese Easter dessert. (See photos below)
  • What is something most people do not know about Eliot-Hine? We have GREAT kids! Sometimes I mention where I teach and there is judgment. They are wrong, OUR STUDENTS ARE GREAT. We also have such a good community of teachers.
  • Describe Eliot-Hine in one word Potential! Looking at the proximity of the school to the seat of our national government and being in DC, there is so much they can learn.
Mr. Richardson EH Staff
6th graders with Ambassador Agius
EH Malta field trip2
Students preparing figolli, a traditional Maltese Easter dessert

EH Malta field trip

Going the Distance: Eliot-Hine’s Athletic Offerings!

EH Track
Cross country team- 2016
EH Track boys
Boys track & field- April 2017
EH Ski competition
About to start the intermediate level competition- March 2017

Did you know Eliot-Hine has track & field, ski club, and two gyms? That’s just the beginning! To learn more about Eliot-Hine’s athletics program and offerings, we spoke to their Athletics Director, Ms. Tanisha Kemp. You can also follow their updates on Twitter: @EHMSAthletics. Questions regarding Eliot-Hine’s Athletics can be directed to Ms. Kemp at tanisha.kemp@dc.gov or her cell, (443) 799-9432.

  • Previously I have shared updates from Eliot-Hine’s basketball teams and ski club. What are all the sports offered? We have basketball, track and field, cross country, football, bowling, softball, cheerleading, and a ski club.
  • What sport facilities do you all have on campus? We have a baseball field and two gyms. Watkins ES is currently using one of our gym while they are swinging in a part of our building and we are happy they were therefore able to have a basketball team this year. Our softball field is housed at Eastern HS and sometimes we also share Eastern’s track, which is a treat for middle schoolers!
  • What sport team always surprises people? Bowling! Our girls had a fantastic season and came in 4th place. The team comprised of mostly 6th graders and they were all first-timers.
  • How does athletics support the IB framework at Eliot-Hine? Sports are global and ideal forum for community and sharing. Think of soccer around the world and events like the Olympics that unite the community. Lessons my students learn in athletics can be applied to real-life situations: discipline, dedication, and collaboration. In order for you to be a scholar athlete, you have to be able to work with others and communicate. We practice this inside the classroom and on the field.
  • Anything new for next school year, SY17-18? Ms. Weaver will be coaching volleyball. DCIAA will also offer wrestling and lacrosse for middle school soon. We hope to have these as it is a great opportunity for our students learn a new sport.

Want to support or check out Eliot-Hine’s teams in action? Here is their spring schedule.