Wilson Feeder Pattern Community Working Group Kicks Off at Stoddert ES

The Wilson High School Feeder Pattern Community Working Group held its first meeting on Tuesday, May 16th at Stoddert Elementary School (some affectionately refer to the group as the WWSHSFPCWG). The group consists of one principal/staff member and parent from each of the 15 schools in Wilson’s feeder pattern. DCPS shared similar information related to enrollment trends and facility capacity as during the Ward 3/Wilson Feeder Education Network Meeting on June 3rd.

The Community Working Group (CWG) raised questions and concerns about DCPS data on enrollment projections, facility capacity, and the persistence of the crowding issue in Wilson’s feeder schools. Members also shared school-level perspectives on crowding and discussed ideas for how to move forward with solutions. Meeting notes and materials are below — the next meeting will be June 20th.

CWG Members discuss questions related to school crowding in small groups.

5/16 Wilson Feeder CWG Meeting Notes

5/16 Wilson Feeder CWG Deck

Wilson Feeder CWG FAQ