MacFarland Community Cabinet Notes 5/26

MacFarland Principal Aqueelha James and Assistant Principal Mark Sanders met with the MacFarland Community Cabinet last Thursday to discuss how members can continue their engagement around MacFarland as it becomes a functioning DCPS school next year. Some key quotes:

  • AP Sanders: “The beginning of the school year next year once we get school started there’s two campaigns we’ll be running…One will be getting another class of 6th graders and pulling more 7th grade students too…The longer term campaign will be…MacFarland is a neighborhood community school and I want everyone to hear that message loud and clear. We want everyone to be there.”
  • Principal James: “So when we do open with a comprehensive program both schools will have something in common that we are a global studies school. And we want there to be a beautiful vertical articulation, and that’s part of why Mr. Sanders will oversee…the high school dual language part. And phase 2, after MacFarland moves into its own building and opening that comprehensive part. I can’t wait to see what it will be for a graduating 8th grader in dual language or comprehensive to make that decision to go to Roosevelt especially with that vertical articulation”
  • AP Sanders: “The difference between reading about the Mexican American War from an American and a Mexican author, it’s a bit of a different spin on that. And if they’re studying that in the dual language track, we want there to be alignment with the comprehensive program”
  • Cabinet member: “Keeping that line between MacFarland and Roosevelt. I love how you guys have merged that. It’s not the same school but the program is basically one in the same. If you have a parent of a 10th grader who can talk to an incoming 6th grader that’s great. It’s easier to have one source than to have to go to a variety of separate meetings”

Full notes here. Happy June!


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