MacFarland Community Cabinet Notes 5/26

MacFarland Principal Aqueelha James and Assistant Principal Mark Sanders met with the MacFarland Community Cabinet last Thursday to discuss how members can continue their engagement around MacFarland as it becomes a functioning DCPS school next year. Some key quotes:

  • AP Sanders: “The beginning of the school year next year once we get school started there’s two campaigns we’ll be running…One will be getting another class of 6th graders and pulling more 7th grade students too…The longer term campaign will be…MacFarland is a neighborhood community school and I want everyone to hear that message loud and clear. We want everyone to be there.”
  • Principal James: “So when we do open with a comprehensive program both schools will have something in common that we are a global studies school. And we want there to be a beautiful vertical articulation, and that’s part of why Mr. Sanders will oversee…the high school dual language part. And phase 2, after MacFarland moves into its own building and opening that comprehensive part. I can’t wait to see what it will be for a graduating 8th grader in dual language or comprehensive to make that decision to go to Roosevelt especially with that vertical articulation”
  • AP Sanders: “The difference between reading about the Mexican American War from an American and a Mexican author, it’s a bit of a different spin on that. And if they’re studying that in the dual language track, we want there to be alignment with the comprehensive program”
  • Cabinet member: “Keeping that line between MacFarland and Roosevelt. I love how you guys have merged that. It’s not the same school but the program is basically one in the same. If you have a parent of a 10th grader who can talk to an incoming 6th grader that’s great. It’s easier to have one source than to have to go to a variety of separate meetings”

Full notes here. Happy June!

Ron Brown HS Meeting Minutes

Ron Brown HS Meeting Minutes

Cabinet members received updates on the facilities, budget, staff vacancies, and outreach efforts.  Read the March and April meeting minutes for more information.

3 21 16 EMHS Community Cabinet Meeting Minutes

4 18 16 EMHS Community Cabinet Meeting Minutes

Ron Brown HS Construction Update

Construction Update

Demolition of the first floor began in April 2016.  Listed below are updates from the construction team.  We have included pictures so you can see the work that has been done thus far. Click on this link for pictures –

Academic Wing – First Floor

  • Demolition is performing punchlist (small tasks) items on the 1st Floor.
  • Abatement is complete on the 1st Floor.
  • MEP (mechanical, engineering, & plumbing) contractors are installing hangers in the academic corridor spaces. Ductwork will be arriving by the end of the week and plumbing pipe installation to begin by the end of this week.

Academic Wing – Second Floor

  • Demolition is ongoing with wall, above ceiling MEP, and flooring being removed.
  • Containments are being set up for abatement and abatement is planned to begin next week on the 2nd Floor.

Multipurpose Wing – First Floor

  • Performing punchlist on demolition items.
  • Abatement is complete.
  • MEP contractors are coordinating in the multi-purpose wing.
  • Layout for underground plumbing is ongoing and slab cuts will begin on Thursday, 4/28, for the underground pipe trenches.
  • Ductwork installation began in the fraternity hall space.

Multipurpose Wing – Second Floor

  • Abatement is complete on the floor tile in the corridor area. Abatement is ongoing in the stairwells. Abatement on the auditorium floor tile will begin the week of May 2nd.
  • The corridor plaster ceiling has been removed and demolition is ongoing in the locker room area.
  • Boiler Room
  • Demolition is complete.
  • Link Corridor
  • Openings have been made in the 2nd Floor façade to remove materials from the 2nd Floor and demolition of the stairwell at the link will begin week of May 2nd.
  • MEP contractors are laying out above ceiling work and installing hangers in the link corridor.

EMHS Gets A New Name & Mascot/Logo

EMHS Gets A New Name & Mascot/Logo            

After a month of taking comments on the proposed name of the school and on 3 schools mascot options, we finally have the results.  Students, families, and community members told us what they wanted – and we listened.  In August the doors will open to the new Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.  We are the MONARCHS!  The lion “Monarchs” represents a strong leader- a king of the land.  He represents trust and integrity and service for his people.Ron Brown Monarchs

Coolidge Community Working Group Notes

It’s been a while since our last Coolidge update. We’re excited about this one because it’s the first of many more over the coming months and years as we begin the school’s modernization process. The Coolidge Working Group officially kicked off this week with its first meeting on Tuesday, May 10th. Notes are here, recap below.

The Coolidge Community Working Group is unique because it combines responsibilities typically associated with a Community Cabinet (school programming) with those typically associated with a School Improvement Team (building modernization). Because both processes are starting at the same time, members have an opportunity to give input on both the modernized school building and some of the elements that go inside of it.

At Tuesday’s meeting we asked the group to begin thinking about how we should gather feedback about the school from the larger network of prospective parents and community members. It was a rich discussion among our stakeholders and an energizing start to the project for all of us at DCPS. Coolidge buzz is growing!

Roosevelt Community Cabinet Notes

Roosevelt Planning Principal Aqueelha James met with the Community Cabinet last week to talk about next steps for the group as the school transitions to the new building this fall. The notes are below. Ms. James also gave Cabinet members a sneak peek at the new Roosevelt website currently in development! It’s still in progress but check out the latest below.

051116 Roosevelt Website

050516 Roosevelt Community Cabinet Meeting Notes

Enrollment Fair for Roosevelt and MacFarland — May 21st

Principal Aqueelha  James and MacFarland Assistant Principal Mark Sanders will host an enrollment fair for both Roosevelt High School and MacFarland Middle School on Saturday, May 21st from 10am to noon in the Roosevelt Gym.  Registration will happen on site, so make sure to bring your proof of DC residency. Flyers in English and Spanish are below, please contact with any questions.

Note: this event is tailored to prospective families. We look forward to hosting many more events for our Ward 4 neighbors in the future, but will not be able to offer building tours on the 21st.

Welcome to MacFarland, Mr. Sanders!

MacFarland community members, we’ve got some exciting news on MacFarland leadership! As you may recall, Roosevelt Principal Aqueelha James will be Principal of MacFarland for the next two years with the support of a bilingual Assistant Principal. In early April DCPS asked a group of community members, parents, and MacFarland Community Cabinet members to meet the candidates for MacFarland AP and make a recommendation to the Chancellor. We’re happy to announce today that the panel’s recommendation, Mark Sanders, has accepted an offer to join MacFarland’s leadership team!

Mr. Sanders has a ten year track record of success as a bilingual educator, starting out as a Spanish teacher and serving as Assistant Principal at McKinley Tech High School and Powell Elementary School. He has a Masters in Education from Harvard University’s School Leadership Program and is a current Mary Jane Patterson Fellow at Woodson Senior High School.

Mark Sanders

The full announcement in English and Spanish is below. We’ll be announcing opportunities to meet your new MacFarland leadership team soon. Stay tuned!

050616 MacFarland AP announcement ENG050616 MacFarland AP announcement SPAN