Proposed Name Change for Empowering Males High School

Proposed Name Change for Empowering Males High School

DCPS is proposing a change to the name of the former Ron Brown Middle School, located at 4800 Meade St. NE, Washington, DC, 20019. Pending public comment, effective May 1, 2016, the school will be named Ron Brown College Preparatory High School.  This school will be Washington, DC’s only public, all-male, college-preparatory high school that places significant emphasis on humanities and languages, which will ensure that every young man graduates with the skills necessary to be successful in college and career.

DCPS proposed maintaining the current name of the school with minimal modification and engaged the district-wide Empowering Males High School Community Cabinet, with representation from every ward of the city, including Ward 7 ANC, and civic representation.  DCPS will inform the community of the new school name through DCPS social media, information on its website, community listservs, and communication with students and families who have applied to the school.

For further information and/or to submit public commentary, please contact the Empowering Males High School Working Group, DCPS Office of Family and Community Engagement at or 202-719-6613.  Click here for the official link to the DC Register.


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