Why Choose MacFarland?

Dual Language families, see the below presentation we’ve been sharing with families at our dual language elementary schools about MacFarland Middle School over the past several months. The highlights:

  • MacFarland is opening with a 6th grade dual language program in August, about 4 blocks north of the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro station. All students in DCPS dual language programs have a guaranteed seat.
  • In years past, most DCPS dual language students have left bilingual programs before they get to middle school — MacFarland gives families a guaranteed opportunity to continue learning in two languages.
  • All the research shows that students who continue in bilingual education have better outcomes in reading and math than those who leave dual language.
  • MacFarland’s program is based on the Oyster Adams middle school model. Students take English Humanities and Spanish Humanities. Math is taught in English, Science is in Spanish. Students take an enrichment block to get extra help in a language or learn a third language.
  • DCPS is piloting a global education program at MacFarland next year — both global education and dual language will align with programming at Roosevelt High School.
  • The deadline to reserve your seat is Tuesday, March 1st — submit your application for MacFarland Dual Language right away!

Open the presentation below for more detailed information, including the process for how MacFarland will grow from 6th grade dual language program to full 6-8 middle school.

Still have questions? Contact us at DCPS.Planning@dc.gov.

022616 MacFarland Meeting with Parents


MacFarland February Event Schedule

The My School DC lottery deadline countdown is ticking away to the March 1st deadline for middle schools! To make sure our parents are as informed as possible about options for dual language middle school, we’ll be out at our feeder schools and in the community throughout the month of February to talk about MacFarland Middle School’s 6th grade Dual Language Program, opening this August 2016.

Interested parents and students are invited to join us at any of the times below:

  • Thursday, February 4th – Powell Elementary School table at drop-off – 8 to 9am
  • Thursday, February 11th – Ward 4 Education Alliance meeting at Takoma EC – 6:30 to 8:30pm
  • Thursday, February 11th – Information Session at Bancroft ES – 6 to 7pm
  • Wednesday, February 17th – Marie Reed ES tabling session – 8 to 9am
  • Tuesday, February 23rd – Bruce Monroe information session with 5th grade students and parents – 8:30 to 9:30am
  • Wednesday, February 24th – Information session at Tyler ES – 6 to 7pm
  • Thursday, February 25th – General Information Session at the Petworth Library – 6 to 7pm
  • Friday, February 26th – Bruce Monroe PTU Meeting – 9 to 10am

We’ll be updating this list with more dates and times to make sure we reach all of our feeder communities (Cleveland coming soon) and interested parents before the March 1st deadline. Please reach out to DCPS.Planning@dc.gov with any questions in the meantime.



Roosevelt Community Cabinet 1/28 Notes

Planning Principal Aqueelha James led her first meeting with the Roosevelt High School Community Cabinet on Thursday at the Parkview Recreation Center. She shared her leadership story with Cabinet members and asked them for their input on how Roosevelt should communicate with the school community. The group provided a range of dynamic ideas for digital and in person engagement, landing on three concrete next steps for moving forward. See notes below.

1/28 Roosevelt Cabinet Meeting Notes