Tuesday Follow-Up: How does MacFarland Guarantee Work?

We got this question at our meeting at Powell on Tuesday, 11/3 and wanted to follow up:

“How does the guarantee work for students in dual language programs at DCPS elementary schools? Are they guaranteed a spot regardless of where they rank MacFarland in the lottery? If they match with another school they rank higher, do they lose the guarantee?”


The “guaranteed right” to MacFarland means students from dual language programs at DCPS elementary schools will be guaranteed a seat at MacFarland as long as they apply in Round 1, rank MacFarland as one of the schools on their application, and are not matched with a school they ranked higher. As is the case with all other applications, if they are matched at a school they ranked higher, they will not be waitlisted for MacFarland and will no longer have a guaranteed right to the school.

In other words, the surest way to secure the guaranteed seat is to rank MacFarland #1 on your first round lottery application. If you rank other schools above MacFarland, a match with any of those more highly ranked schools will forfeit the guaranteed seat at MacFarland.

Questions? Contact DCPS.Planning@dc.gov.

110315 MacFarland at PowellKatarina Brito (top, purple) and Rosanna de Mammos (right) from DCPS’ Language Acquisition Division discuss MacFarland’s Dual Language Program with parents at Powell Elementary School on Tuesday, 11/3.

MacFarland Community Cabinet — 10/27 Meeting Notes

Thanks to our MacFarland Community Cabinet for a thoughtful discussion on a vision for the school. Notes and supporting documents are below.

102715 MacFarland Community Cabinet Meeting Notes

102715_MacFarland Community Cabinet_Meeting 2_Vision Discussion Capture Sheet