Roosevelt STAY – Daytime Program Location Change

In the coming school year, both Roosevelt Senior High School and Roosevelt STAY will be expanding their programming. Roosevelt High School’s staff has grown as a result of DCPS high school investment, and Roosevelt STAY will begin operating a daytime program to meet the needs of its younger students. To ensure both schools have enough room for instruction, Roosevelt STAY’s daytime program will take place in the Sharpe Health building just across the street from Roosevelt on 13th St. They will operate there from 9:30am to 4:15pm each day, and evening classes will continue to take place at MacFarland.

Roosevelt STAY will share the facility with Bridges Public Charter School. We at DCPS have met with the leadership at Bridges and are working closely with both principals to ensure each student population has a safe and welcoming learning environment. We do not yet have a long-term plan for where Roosevelt STAY’s daytime program will be located after the coming school year, but we are committed to keeping both our STAY programs — Roosevelt and Ballou STAY — open. These programs are critical in providing disconnected students alternate pathways to high school graduation.